Every coin has two sides!

  At this moment, seems the spread of the virus have controlled in China, and our area have return to normal operations. Our middle school students are returning back to school……The Intelligent epidemic prevention solution played an important role. There “smart anti-epidemic cart” applied to school access control, which integrated with face recognition, data uploading, hands washing, temperature measuring and the whole body disinfection. It only takes 4 seconds to complete the whole process. It’s amazing!

I noticed some good signs. By now, in most European, Asian and Oceanian countries, the number of new cases has hit a summit, and recoveries are getting more and more. Each country is preparing to gradually lift the blockade in each region and will resume production as soon as possible.

I believe we all agree that every coin has two sides. When there is a crisis, there will be an opportunity following too. This crisis will further promote the application of artificial intelligence in various fields.Such as temperature testing screen integrate with guest check-in to be used at store entrance, hospital, corporate lobby etc, and the self-service kiosk to be used in the Restaurant, Supermarket, Bank etc. Obviously, we should do earlier plan to catch the market demand.

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